DTB designs and manufactures a wide range of pre-packaged VSD water boosting sets for domestic and commercial water supply systems. Complete and ready to use, comes pre-plumbed, wired and programmed. Just connect to the sites services, saving you time and money.

  • Ideal for commercial building requiring water boosting.
  • New innovation in Variable Frequency Drives to save on power.
  • Easy to use touchscreen controller interface.
  • Quality engineered pump with optimum performance.

DTB Pumps VSD Pump Stations come in standard Single, Dual, Triple and Quad Pump Stations. Our pre-packaged systems include a range of quality pumps for large domestic, industrial and commercial installations.

Suitable For




Variable Speed Drive

Designed to be added to water supply pump(s) to allow the change of frequency (speed) of the pump motor to match the pump perfomance required. This enables the pump to be more efficient.


Pump Name

  • Energy Efficient
  • Controller Performance
  • Longer Lasting Pumps
  • Capable of Quad Pumps
  • Innovative Construction

Control Interface

The controller interface is designed to be end user friendly. With its touch screen capabilities and its easy use display, this allows the end user to adjust the pressure of the pump system and see the functions of their pump station with ease.


Pump Name


  • 7” inch Touchscreen
  • Adjustable Pump Pressure
  • Visual Function Display
  • Easy Program Settings
  • Capable of Quad Pumps
  • Innovative Technology