Commercial & Domestic Rain Water Harvesting

One of the world’s fastest growing markets is in the environmental solutions area. DTB has drawn upon its engineering expertise and practical experience to design a range of equipment that can dramatically increase the customer’s water harvesting potential. DTB designs, manufactures and supplies fully automated, pre-packaged pump systems that maximise the collection of rain water for external irrigation and internal water supply. These water management systems are perfect for all commercial and civic building applications. They are also ideal for installation in domestic applications.

Commercial & Domestic Rain Water Supply

DTB creates pre-packaged rain water pump systems for use in a variety of commercial and civic applications. Our state-of-the-art pump systems can be tailored to manage the use of rain water and other alternative water sources, and supplying that water to any building, sports field or commercial
applications – whatever the size. We provide pre-wired, pre-plumbed, fully-tested rain water supply systems that are ready and easy to install. No job is too big, no application is too big – DTB pumps are fully engineered to cope with any volume of water without compromising performance, and to distribute it any distance or height.

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