wall mounted pump controller

What Do Pump Controllers Do?

DTB’s pump stations come in a few different varieties. Whether it’s a single or dual pump system, the pump controllers act as the brains of the system. They help in switching the pumps on and off, as the name suggests. However, that’s not all there is to it. So, we...
single pump vs dual pump

Single Pump Vs Dual Pump Systems

Pump pits come in different forms, such as single and dual pump configurations. The question which comes up quite often is what’s the difference? How is a single pump system, better than a dual system and vice versa? Below is a short post outlining some of the major...
Increase your water pressure

What You Need to Know About Water Pressure Booster Pumps

Water pressure pumps, also known as booster pumps, enhance the flow rate and pressure of water flowing from various sources to water output. One of the most important reasons to install a pressure pump is to correct low or dismal water pressure, which can be highly...
builders drainage pump

Submersible Pumps

Aside from residential properties, other fields such as construction benefit from the use of pumps. The most common pump known to most people is the sump pump, which has a physical mechanism that allows you to pump water away from a collection pit. There are various...
pump repair and maintenance requirements

Why Should I Service My Sewage/Sump Pumps?

What is a sump pump? A sump pump is a crucial piece of equipment in your home that prevents roof water or ground water from flooding your basement. The water gets collected in the sump pit which is then pumped out away from your home and its foundation. Just like any...

DTB Pumps Updated Online Presence

 We are proud to launch a newly updated website. Instead of a complete overhaul of design, we decided to refresh and modernise our website look. We are excited to have a social presence now! We have a Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn page. Our team will...
rainwater reuse system

Rainwater Reuse System

Introduction The DTB Rainwater Reuse System is perfect for commercial and domestic applications. Systems are used to supply alternative water sources like rainwater and stormwater, while offering a sustainable option for water supply to toilets, washing machines and...
melbourne business awards

Melbourne Business Award Nomination

DTB Pumps are proud to announce their nomination in the Melbourne Business Awards, South East Region. The winner is set to be announced in early December. For more information please visit the Melbourne Business Awards web site.
generator and battery backup - DTB Pumps

Automated self diagnostic tests on all power back up generators

All DTB power back up generators in Melbourne underwent a self diagnostic test at 10am on Tuesday 2nd February.  A self-diagnostic test automatically starts the generator and checks whether the system is performing as it should, i.e. starts up with no issues,...
DTB Pumps Main Back Up Diesel Generators

Mains Back Up Diesel Generators

With Australia's increasing problems with fluctuating power supply and the inevitable storms that have been hindering pump stations for many years. DTB has come up with a solution for our customer to make sure that they no longer have to worry about blackouts when...
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