With Australia’s increasing problems with fluctuating power supply and the inevitable storms that have been hindering pump stations for many years. DTB has come up with a solution for our customer to make sure that they no longer have to worry about blackouts when they go on holidays with the Mains Back Up Generator. The Mains Back Up Generator comes with an ATS Controller that intuitively sees when power has been lost to the mains power supply and automatically notices that the generator will be on standby. Though in its innovative design it will only activate the generator when your pump will need to start, saving you power. The installation of the Generator has been easier with DTB’s qualified technicians, which can connect your generator with your pump stations controller through existing terminals in DTB’s controller design. The connection from the mains power to the generator will need to completed by your on-site electrician. DTB has come up with another expert solution to help protect you against flooding. DTB Pumps – IT’S OUR ENGINEERING EXPERTISE WHICH MAKES THE DIFFERENCE