Pump pits come in different forms, such as single and dual pump configurations. The question which comes up quite often is what’s the difference? How is a single pump system, better than a dual system and vice versa? Below is a short post outlining some of the major advantages and disadvantages of each configuration respectively.

Single Pump Systems:

single pump
Single 900 litre pump

A single pump system, as can be seen in the picture, only has one pump and manifold within the pit.


  • Cost-effective
    • As the system only has one pump, it is much simpler and cheaper to manufacture and install.
    • Having only a single pump greatly reduces the overall power needs of the system.


  • High risk situation for essential areas
    • With only one pump available, there poses a high risk to the system if that one pump fails.
    • Pumps can fail from numerous causes, overuse, pump jams or even simply from age.
    • In this case, there is no pump to empty the heavily used sewage pit or stormwater pit in the event of a storm.
  • The single pump being overworked
    • With only one pump, this pump would be consistently turning on and off to drain sewage and stormwater pits.
    • As a result, this can reduce the overall lifetime of the pump as it is being overworked.
  • Is more expensive in the long term
    • Although it is cheaper as an initial cost, the costs begin to increase the older the system is.
    • A couple years down the track, if a single sewage pump system servicing an entire home fail, the callout charges to remedy and fix the issue on short notice can be quite costly.

Dual Pump System

The The dual pump system has two pumps in place, where they alternate between each other on every start up, and will turn both on at the same time during a high-water level or record-breaking storm.


  • Added redundancy and peace of mind
    • With 2 pumps available, if one of the pumps fail, the second will keep the area from flooding or backing up with sewerage/stormwater.
    • This adds a layer or comfort for homeowners who are concerned with basements being flooded from potential pump failures.
  • Capable of doubling flow rates in the event of surges
    • This is especially true during a heavy rain or storm event, where an unprecedented amount of rain falls.
    • Having dual pumps allows for double the flow rate to be achieved, allowing for more water to be drained out, to keep up with the sudden surge.
  • Increasing the lifetime of the pumps
    • DTB’s dual pump system alternate the use of our pumps.
    • If Pump 1 turns on the first time, the next time the system turns on, Pump 2 will run instead.
    • In doing this, the pumps share the frequency of starts and stops, increasing their lifetime.
dual pump
Dual 900 litre pump


  • Expensive
    • The only downside to the dual pump is that they are a little dearer compared to the single system
    • The initial costs are high, but in the long run, the frequency of maintenance issues and faults occurring are greatly reduced.


Dual pump systems have more benefits than drawbacks in comparison. However, single pump systems are considered at times and are primarily used in places where the budget is tight. Meanwhile, double pump systems are used in new homes and in luxurious homes where there would be great issues and consequences in the event of a basement flooding or a sewage system backing up.

DTB always recommends the best solution to every drainage and pumping situation. In most situations, our sales and service representatives will recommend a dual system for the peace of mind for the homeowner and to provide a system fit for purpose and capable of meeting the demands needed; for example, a dual sewerage pump system would help ensure a restaurant is able to continue operating in the event of a pump jam or a single pump failure.

DTB Pumps offers high-quality engineered pump and water management solutions for domestic, civic, and commercial use in Braeside. If you are looking for a reliable pump system for your property, reach out to us today and let us offer you the best solution possible!

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