Water pressure pumps, also known as booster pumps, enhance the flow rate and pressure of water flowing from various sources to water output.

One of the most important reasons to install a pressure pump is to correct low or dismal water pressure, which can be highly disruptive, especially when essential daily routines like taking a bath or washing clothes.

This is especially useful in the high-rise buildings where the mains water needs to reach the top floor bathroom or toilets. The booster pumps are ideal for just that.

With that said, we’ve compiled some common questions and their respective answers on water pressure booster pumps. Read on!

What are Water Pressure Booster Pumps?

A water pressure booster pump alleviates low water pressure by regulating the pressure at a certain level. It activates only when water pressure lowers to a certain level.

This usually happens when there is drop in pressure when a faucet or toilet is used.

With a booster pump installed in your vicinity, you’ll achieve consistent water flow in your facility or home, making it much easier and enjoyable to take a shower, clean the dishes, water your plants with the garden hose, or do the laundry.

How Do Booster Pumps Increase Water Pressure?

In general, a booster pump is a centrifugal pump, analogous to a fan powered by electricity. The blades of this fan, or impeller, spin, which allow for the water circulate, being sucked in through its inlet and then being pumped out via the outlet.

Every pressure pump has an input and an outlet and sensing device, typically a pressure switch or flow control, to help maintain the proper pressure. A pump pressure switch can be fitted for more control over the cut-off pressure, for example.

What causes low pressure?

There are various potential reasons behind the low water pressure. In general, it is due to high friction losses, as water is being pumped over long distances. Alternatively, extremely high heads or vertical climbs are another common cause.

Other reasons include:

  • Too many water fixtures drawing from a single source
  • Undersized piping
  • Lower mains water pressure

The Benefits of Water Pressure Booster Pumps:

  • Excellent and consistent water pressure throughout your home, especially when coupled with a VSD system.
  • You may use multiple water outlets simultaneously without affecting the pressure and temperature.
  • With a VSD in place, the amount of water being used by the entire home or complex is better regulated depending on the number of fixtures being used, i.e., a consistent water pressure is provided, no matter how many taps or showers are being used at any one time.
  • In the irrigation sector, these systems can help distribute a steady stream of water to the crops and fields, greatly saving time and money.

Can You Install a Water Pressure Booster Pump in Australia?

Your local plumber or irrigation specialist can guide and help you install a water pressure booster pump the right way. Water pressure booster pumps are legally allowed in Australia as long as the work is conducted according to regulatory requirements.

To legally install a water pressure booster pump in Australia, you must establish a water storage tank and pump system to ensure a pre-set pressure. It implies that the course you install will not exceed the pressure limits your pipes can withstand, preventing them from breaking and causing a significant water leak.


Water pressure booster pumps are necessary when the pressure and flow rate provided at individual plumbing fixtures fail to meet standards. However, before installing the system, ensure that the low pressure isn’t caused by something else, like blocked or leaking plumbing. When a water booster pump is appropriately sized and fitted with a high-efficiency motor and speed control, it should function optimally.

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