At DTB we provide a complete service experience for our customers which include periodic reminders for service at three months, six months or twelve months intervals.

We offer services to ensure your pump station is fully operational, which includes pump assessment, pit cleaning and electrical control testing. To make things more efficient and cost effective, we supply our own cleaning equipment if required. If any parts of the system need replacing or upgrading, they can be done on-the-spot.

Upon completion of service you are provided with a complete system report and a list of recommendations to maintain the health of your pump system until next service.

DTB Submersible Pump Systems and its associated fittings and equipment supplied by DTB International Pumping are guaranteed to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of twelve months from the purchase date, as per our Terms & Conditions of Sale. This does not cover incorrect installation or application, or any other circumstances beyond the control of DTB. Nor are any consequential damages covered.


In consideration of services provided by DTB International Pumping P/L, the Client agrees as follows:

1. To pay to DTB International Pumping P/L for each repair actually performed by Contractor the price for said repair specified in the List of Repairs attached and hereby incorporated into this contract by reference.

2. To purchase from or provide to DTB International Pumping P/L such parts, supplies, and other materials as may be necessary and reasonable in order to maintain the Equipment in good working order. It is understood that the success and satisfactory performance of any maintenance service or repair performed by Contractor depends upon the quality of materials used. Therefore, Client shall be fully responsible for any failure or dissatisfaction arising from any service or repair that is done using materials not purchased from or specified by Contractor.

3. Warranty and liability terms are set out in the DTB Warranty statement.

4. By agreeing to these terms and conditions in this document the person authorising these services will be responsible to pay DTB International Pumping Pty. Ltd. the following charges.

a. Service call during the hours of 8AM to 5PM Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. 1 Hour on site $400.00 Inc. GST.

b. Travel more than 1 hour will be charged at $140 Per hour Inc. GST

c. Hourly rate during the hours of 8AM to 5PM Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. Per hour $140.00 Inc. GST.

d. Any replacement parts needed for repairs upon prior agreement.

e. The items supplied remain the property of DTB International Pumping Pty. Ltd. until paid for.

(i). We reserve the right to retake possession of any goods not paid for by the authorising person.

f. The authorising person will be liable for payment and for any costs for dept collection.

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