Extended Warranty


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    How to get the DTB Pumps 2 year free “Limited Conventional Warranty”

    To take advantage of the “Conventional Warranty” extension scheme, you must register to be the Owner and Occupier or the Body Corporate representing the site or building. The system must clearly display a 2 + 2 Year label.

    DTB Pumps 2 year free “Extended Warranty” on limited products

    Beyond the standard compulsory coverage outlined on the section of (Warranty Claim), DTB Pumps offers an additional 2 years’ limited extended warranty in accordance with the terms and conditions. This 2 year extended warranty may only apply to certain parts of the items purchased and not on the entire sale.

    How to Register Your Purchase and Complete the Questionnaire

    You can register your equipment and answer the questionnaire online here. You must represent the current owner of the site when the standard warranty will expire. Your equipment will have the “SERIAL NUMBER” checked against our database and your terms will be confirmed.
    DTB Pumps