Stormwater Vortex Pump Domestic & Light Industrial

  • Domestic
  • Commercial

DTB’s storm water pump is designed for large domestic & commercial uses that require dirty water to be discharged from submersible pump stations. Its stainless steel design is built for long lasting durability in tough conditions.


  • NMAX HEAD: 9-16m
  • NMAX FLOW: 330-520L/min
  • NLong lasting durability in tough conditions
  • NHigh-efficiency performance
  • NCompact construction
  • NAutomatic & Manual models available


    Why use DTB Pumps Mains Power Backup Generators

    • NPumping Effluent
    • NDomestic Water Drainage
    • NLight Industrial Water Drainage
    • NFlood Control
    • NResidential Sumps
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