If you are looking for a backup power supply for your pumps that’s even easier to install and more cost effective than a generator, then look no further at DTB Pumps range of Battery Powered Backup Inverters (BBI).

The benefits of a BBI are that they can be easily added to an existing pump system and provide an added level of protection with a seamless transition when the power goes out. This state of the art yet proven technology is often used in data centers to bridge the gap between generators coming on line after a power outage.
The Battery Backup Inverter requires lower maintenance and is quieter to run. The system is inexpensive to install and requires no exhausting.

Why use DTB Pumps Battery Backup Inverter

  • Automatic power supply switch over
  • Up to 2hrs running time
  • Automatic battery condition monitor and charger
  • LCD operator display
  • Up to 3kW pumps
  • Uses 4 x 12V heavy duty batteries
  • 240V pure sine wave output (clean generated power)
  • Suitable for single and dual pump stations

Suitable For





The innovative range of quality engineered PowerMATIX Mains Power Generators and Battery Backup Inverter systems have all been pre-built so they are ready to install by simply connecting to your pump equipment.
Both ranges are suitable for domestic and commercial buildings and are ideal for Sewage and Stormwater pump stations; whether they be single, dual or multiple pump stations.
Each power back up system incorporates an automatic transfer switch (ATS) that automatically starts and switches to the back up power source in the event of an interruption to the electricity supply.

Why use DTB Pumps Mains Power Backup Generators

  • Monitors the mains power supply and the status of the pump system
  • Display and alarm functions that indicate status and faults
  • Auto start and test functions to periodically check the generator is operating correctly
  • Monitors the battery voltage and charge, fuel level, oil level, correct power generation and service hours
  • Ability to be integrated into security systems or BMS for remote fault monitoring
  • Low exhaust emission motors
  • Sized to accommodate the current of the pumps in your system